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Whether you're seeking academic guidance, career counseling, wellness tips, or a dose of inspiration, our carefully selected resources are designed to empower you on your path to success. Explore a wealth of materials, from study aids and research databases to mental health resources and skill-building workshops. At NAKH, we're committed to nurturing not only your educational growth but also your holistic development. Discover the tools you need to thrive academically, personally, and professionally. Your journey to wholeness starts here.

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On-Site Resources:


We believe that the learning environment plays a pivotal role in shaping the educational journey of our students in holistic health training. We're proud to offer a state-of-the-art infrastructure that mirrors the real-world scenarios you'll encounter as a holistic health practitioner. 


Spacious Classrooms:

Our spacious classrooms are thoughtfully designed to foster collaborative learning and interactive discussions. With comfortable seating and modern technology, you'll engage with your instructors and peers in an environment that encourages the exchange of ideas and insights. 

Hands-on Labs:

We understand the importance of practical experience in holistic health training. That's why we've created dedicated breakout rooms where you can apply your knowledge in real-life settings. Our additional aromatherapy style lab is specially designed to provide you with hands-on experience in practicing blending techniques. This lab environment simulates the conditions you'll encounter when working with clients, ensuring you're well-prepared to apply your skills in a professional setting. 

Supportive Atmosphere:

We recognize that learning holistic health involves both theoretical understanding and personal growth. Our institution fosters a supportive and inclusive atmosphere, encouraging open communication, collaboration, and a sense of community among students, faculty, and staff. 

When you choose NAKH for your training, you're choosing an educational environment that reflects the values and practices of the field. We're dedicated to providing you with the best possible setting to develop your skills, gain practical experience, and embark on a successful journey.

Academic and Career Counseling:


We understand that embarking on a journey in holistic health and massage therapy is not just about learning the techniques—it's about building a fulfilling career that aligns with your passions and aspirations. That's why, at NAKH, we go above and beyond to provide you with comprehensive career and academic counselling services. 

Career Counselling:

Our dedicated team of career counsellors is here to guide you towards a path that resonates with your unique strengths and interests. Whether you're seeking to establish your own practice, work in a wellness centre, or explore other avenues within the holistic health industry, we're here to help you craft a roadmap for success. From identifying potential career trajectories to offering advice on networking and self-promotion, our counsellors are committed to your professional growth. 

Academic Counselling:

We recognize that each student's academic journey is distinct, and sometimes, you might need a little extra guidance to navigate challenges. Our academic counsellors provide personalized support to ensure you stay on track with your studies, overcome obstacles, and make the most of your educational experience. Whether you're looking for study strategies, time management techniques, or assistance with course selection, our counselllors are here to empower you academically. 

Massage Therapy Career Planning:

Your journey into the world of massage therapy is a significant step, and we're here to help you make the most of it. Our experienced counsellors can offer insights into the diverse opportunities within the massage therapy field, helping you understand the various specializations and settings available to you. We'll work together to tailor your education and experiences towards your desired massage therapy career path. 

At NAKH, we believe that comprehensive support extends beyond the classroom. Our counselling services are designed to provide you with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to not only excel academically but also to embark on a fulfilling and impactful career journey. Let us be your partners in success—your aspirations are our inspiration. 

Counselling Supports:


To find resources for counseling services and mental health supports for students in the City of Edmonton you can follow these steps: 

Contact Your School:

Start by reaching out to our international student services or counseling department. We provide psychosomatic counseling, and life coaching services for students. Reach out to your school's counseling centre or student services department to inquire about available resources. 

City of Edmonton Resources: The City of Edmonton may have a list of mental health resources available to residents, including students. Check the official City of Edmonton website or contact their helpline to inquire about available support. Here is an example: 

Canadian Mental Health Association - Edmonton:

The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) often provides resources and support for mental health. Check the CMHA Edmonton Region website for information on available programs and services.  

Distress Line:

The Edmonton Distress Line provides confidential support and crisis intervention. Call 780-482-4357 (HELP) for assistance. 

Online Directories:

Use online directories to search for mental health and counseling services in Edmonton. Websites like Psychology Today have directories that list therapists and counselors along with their specialties. 

Local Hospitals:

Some hospitals in Edmonton may offer mental health services and programs. Contact hospitals in your area to inquire about available resources. The hospital located closest to our campus is Grey Nuns Hospital. 

Local Community Organizations:

Reach out to local community organizations that focus on mental health and well-being. They may provide support groups, workshops, and counselling services. 

Online Counselling Platforms:

With the rise of digital health, there are online platforms that offer virtual counselling and therapy services. Research reputable platforms and therapists licensed in your area. Here is an example: 

Remember that your school's student services department can often provide guidance on available resources and connect you with the appropriate support. When searching for counseling services, it's important to choose licensed and reputable professionals or organizations. If you're in crisis or need immediate support, don't hesitate to reach out to a helpline or emergency services. 

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