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English Horizon Program (ESL)


4 Months/Level

About the Course

Welcome to our ESL program, a transformative language learning journey spanning 24 semesters (4 months/level). Utilizing the esteemed American English File Series (Third Edition), we guide English learners from the foundational A1 level to the advanced C1 level. Our program features a structured and progressive curriculum, focusing on developing essential language skills, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Designed to be comprehensive and effective, it caters to those seeking to enhance their English proficiency.

Program Framework:

Duration: 24 months, each level lasting four months.

Placement: Students are assessed and placed into suitable proficiency levels based on placement test results.

Weekly Instruction: Students receive 12 hours of structured English language instruction per week with both online and onsite options.

Assessment: Comprehensive examinations are conducted at the end of each semester to evaluate linguistic advancements and identify areas requiring further attention.

Progression: To move to the next book or level within the American English File Series, students must achieve a minimum score of 70 out of 100 on the corresponding examination.

Breaks: A one-week break follows the conclusion of each semester, during which students receive performance feedback from instructors.


  • Starter:

    • Basic greetings and introductions.

    • Everyday vocabulary and expressions.

    • Elementary grammar and sentence structure.

    • Simple reading and listening comprehension.

    • Beginner-level writing and speaking tasks.

    • Cultural insights and awareness of American English.

  • Level 1:

    • Expanded vocabulary and idiomatic expressions.

    • More complex sentence structures and grammar.

    • Improved listening skills, with exposure to various accents.

    • Reading comprehension with longer texts.

    • Basic conversation skills and simple writing tasks.

    • Introduction to familiar topics and situations.

  • Level 2:

    • Intermediate vocabulary and phrasal verbs.

    • In-depth grammar and syntax.

    • Reading and listening activities that cover a wide range of topics.

    • Advanced conversation and discussion skills.

    • Writing tasks that require coherence and organization.

    • Building on practical language skills.

  • Level 3:

    • Advanced vocabulary and collocations.

    • Complex sentence structures and advanced grammar.

    • Authentic materials for reading and listening practice.

    • Advanced communication skills, including debates and presentations.

    • More sophisticated writing assignments.

    • Preparing students for real-world language use.

  • Level 4:

    • In-depth exploration of advanced vocabulary and idiomatic expressions.

    • Mastery of complex sentence structures and nuanced grammar.

    • Extensive reading and listening comprehension on diverse subjects.

    • Proficiency in discussing complex topics and debates.

    • Writing tasks that demand critical thinking and clarity.

    • Refinement of language skills for advanced communication.

  • Level 5:

    • Mastery of advanced vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, and academic language.

    • Mastery of intricate grammar and syntax.

    • Exposure to authentic materials across various fields.

    • Proficiency in expressing opinions and engaging in in-depth discussions.

    • Advanced writing skills, including essays, reports, and creative pieces.

    • Preparation for C1-level language proficiency and real-world applications.

Embark on this comprehensive ESL program, where each level is meticulously crafted to elevate your English proficiency to new heights.

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